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You’re currently looking for someone to take care of your cat during your holidays or while you’re away on a trip? Discover the different cat sitting options which will enable you to go away, free of any worries or concerns.


The different types of cat sitting

Cats are independent animals which cope well on their own. Nevertheless, during an extended absence, many owners prefer to organise cat sitting.

So, even though are feline friends are relatively autonomous, it’s quite normal to want someone to look after your cat’s welfare, while you’re on holiday.

For cat sitting, there are various services which exist and which vary according to the differing requirements of both cats and their owners.

Cat sitting with a family (at the cat sitter’s home)

This is a great alternative to catteries. Cat sitting with a family will enable your pet to share in the host family’s daily life. The family will be there to provide company and constant care.

Cat sitting with a host family is ideal for affectionate cats which dislike solitude.

This form of cat sitting can suit Maine Coons, Siamese, Birmans and other breeds, whether sociable or solitary.

Overnight cat sitting in your own home

If your cat is very territorial and would be disturbed by a change in surroundings, you could consider opting for cat sitting in your own home.
With this form of cat sitting, the sitter will stay overnight in your home and so be present each day to look after your cat.
The sitter is free to follow his usual daily routine (work, sport etc.) but each evening, they will return to your home to spend time with your cat and look after its welfare.
Pet sitting in your home is not the same as home sitting: the cat sitter is not expected to carry out any household tasks. Their role is purely the care of your cat: food, water, games, cuddles etc.

Visits for cats

If your cat is very independent and just needs feeding and a change of litter, then your best option is to arrange visits.
With this service, the sitter will visit your home up to several times a day, depending on your requirements.
During these visits your cat will enjoy games and cuddles with its sitter, every day until you get home.