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You may wonder how to manage the daily talks for dog sitting in your own home, The sitter may take on additional tasks as well as dogsitting. Nevertheless their priority is the welfare of your pet and it’s important to be clear with the sitter about your expectations.

Additional tasks for a dog-sitting in my own home

As the homeowner you’re likely to want the sitter to carry out additional tasks while you’re away.

Whether it’s a house or a flat, dogowners tend to request the following additional chores :

Sorting the post

If you’re going away for an extended period then you’re likely to want the sitter to pick up your post and let you know if any urgent letters arrive.


The dog sitter may be staying up to several weeks in your home. Naturally the sitter is expected to leave your home in the state they found it i.e they should keep clean all the rooms they use during their stay..


This can include watering plants and even mowing the lawn. Some dog owners may request such additional services.

Looking after additional animals

Some owners have additional animals, which may not have been mentioned, such as horses or chickens. These animals will need to be looked after too and it’s likely that the owner will ask the sitter to do so.

The tasks above are those which are requested most frequently, but of course owners may make other requests depending the circumstances.

Can the dog sitter carry out additional tasks while I’m away?

While staying in your home, the sitter will of course carry out certain daily household tasks.

By accepting to do the dog sitting in your home, the pet sitter undertakes to leave your house or flat in the state in which they found it.

However the sitter’s priority is the care of your dog during your absence.

Moreover when choose a dog sitter, their fee does not include any payment for additional household tasks that you might request.

As a result, the sitter you choose is under no obligation to do additional household tasks. If that were the case we’d be talking about “home sitting” not “dog sitting”.

How to manage the handing over of your keys

When you choose dog sitting in your own home, one of the main concerns is the trustworthiness of the sitter.

It’s true that you’re going to hand over your keys to a stranger.

You can nevertheless rest assured that your sitter has already done this type of work and has received positive reviews from other dogowners.

As regards the handing over of keys, there are a number of possibilities depending on your situation.

Most people give their keys directly to their dogsitter on the day of their departure.

For the return of the keys, either the sitter can hand them over to you direct or post them through the letter box, if they have had to leave before you get back.