Pet boarding in host families | Cat sitting, Cat Feeding, Dog sitting, and Dog Walking


Are you going away on holiday or travelling for work? Does your pooch need care last minute? We understand it’s not always easy to find a quality service for your pet. That is why Max & Kitty offers a several options for your dog so you can leave with peace of mind.


Dog sitting options

We all know dogs have their own needs and preferences. This is why Max & Kitty offers several options to have your dog looked after. Our services (noted below) are good alternatives to dog kennels.

Dog boarding in the pet sitter’s home

This is the most popular service for dogs. Leave on holiday with peace of mind and have your dog’s need taken care of by one of our sitters.

Whether your pooch is a Jack Russell, Cockapoo, Labrador Retriever or any other breed, whether sociable or shy, a pet lover will be here to welcome them and provide the best care.

Boarding at the pet sitter’s home is ideal option for dogs that need attention. The dog sitter welcomes your furry friends in their home. The dog will discover a new temporary living environment where they will enjoy their stay close to your home.

We have pet sitters all over the UK so you can have the choice to find the best suited place for them. More importantly, our team will make sure that your sitting goes well. We also offer optional guarantees that will add to your peace of mind.

This type of boarding is very popular and a great alternative to kennels.

Dog sitting in your own home

While you are away, the pet sitter can come over and stay overnight. They are free to run their errands during the day but in the evening they arrive at your home to look after your pet.

If you want, they can also stay during the day. You would just need to ask them.

Sitting in your home is ideal for dogs who don’t like to be moved around and prefer the comfort of their own home. As they may not like to see you going away, having someone caring stay overnight can minimise your furry friend’s anxiety.

Dog walking

Your pet carer will come to your home while you are away as many times as you ask them, to feed your dog, walk them, play and give them cuddles.

This option is ideal if you are away at work or doing long hours during the day.

You can define the number of walks during the day and the week, depending on your dog’s needs. Pet sitters generally spend up to 45 min with your dog with this type of service.