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Dogsitting at home

If your dog is uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, you have probably considered dogsitting at home. A fantastic way of easing the transition from owner to petsitter, your dog can be looked after int he comfort of his own home.

Pros of dogsitting at home:

  1. Your dog can stick to his routine and will feel less unsettled
  2. You'll have someone to keep an eye on your home
  3. It costs roughly the same as boarding

Cons of dogsitting at home:

  1. Even if they spend the night, the petsitter is free to come and go during the day, so this can be unsuitable if your pet requires lots of attention
  2. You might feel uncomfortable at having a stranger in your home

If you think this is the right option for you and your pooch, just request your overnight stay today.