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Mostly, dog sitting takes place in the host’s home. However, other solutions do exist so that your dog can be taken care of at home. Having someone to look after your dog from home when you are away on holiday can be an ideal solution.

How does it work when someone comes to mine to look after my dog?

It is a lot easier this way for the pup and for the master. When you leave, you hand your keys over to the pet sitter who will settle in until you get back.

Most dogs are used to being alone during the day but it can be too long and disorientating if there is nobody at night time too, especially if he is not used to this situation.

In this case, having someone round, day and night, should be more appropriate while you are away.

Does the dog sitter really need to stay over night?

With at-home sitting , most of the time the pet sitter does stay over night at yours.

However, it is up to you to lay out your needs, the dog sitter will only sleep over if you ask for this option.

At-home care can be used in different ways :

Someone all day and night

This way, there is a permanent presence until the owner gets back. It could almost be compared to a 24/7 day care.

Day care only

In this case, the dog sitter only needs to be around during the day time, probably a long lapse of time but not the night. Often applies to clients who work long shifts but get back late evening.

Over night stay

This last option, the dog sitter has no need to be around during the day time, but must be at the clients to stay overnight during the whole time while the owner is away. This is often use when the dog can’t stand being alone from dusk.

How long does the dog sitter have to stay at mine?

The lapse of time may vary depending on the owner’s needs. The owner may ask for an all day presence or just for a few hours.

It all depends on the dog’s habits, the owner will know and adapt to his pet.
The times really need to be established before you leave, both the pet sitter and the master have to set their needs and availabilities.

To conclude, it is a flexible option for both sides as long as the dog is happy, at ease and everyone agrees on the timetable.