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How much you need to anticipate for the whole stay depends on several factors such as the area in which you’ll dog will stay the lapse of time… It is essential that these points are clear from day one before asking for an estimation.

All inclusive prices for your dog’s stay

Generally speaking, the prices are daily rates all inclusive:

  • The dog sitter’s rate
  • The website’s rate

The price will vary depending on the number of dogs that need caring for over your holiday. Most websites apply a sliding-scale payment scheme if you have more than one dog.

Your host may have costs during the stay. While looking after your dog as if he was his own, the pet sitter may have extra costs.

We do highly recommend you take the usual food along to avoid any digestive problems. But if, for instance, he runs out of the food, he’ll have the usual brand name to buy some more.

The pet sitter’s rate

Each pet sitter is free to charge the rate he wishes depending on the animal and the care asked for, therefore prices may vary depending on the person.

Our website service

The prices displayed on our website are daily rates and include both the sitter’s and our fee. Our fee includes a public liability insurance, weekend and evening emergency service, and personal support.

If you want the dog sitter to come and pick up and drop off your pet, an extra charge of £5 will be added on top. Similarly, if they do visits or come to your home to pet sit, a travel charge of £0.15 per mile is added on top.

Other optional services

For a quality care, we offer extra optional guarantees to make your pet’s stay easier and reassuring.

Pet Health Cover

An illness can also occur during your dog’s stay, it is therefore important to consider having a health plan option to leave with peace of mind.

The health cover is a guarantee that covers the vet expenses your pet might incur while being taken care of by a sitter. Without this cover, you will be liable for all vet costs associated with your pet.

If you opt in the cover, your pet’s vet costs are covered up to £250: vet costs in case of illness (excluding pre-existing or chronic conditions), support if your pet is involved in an incident, compensation in case your pet runs away, vet costs for your pet in case of an incident with another animal due to your pet.

Cancellation guarantee

Your holidays are cancelled at the last minute? If you don’t need or do not want someone to look after your dog, with this option you may file a refund request.

In the ‘Terms and Conditions’, you can find in which case the cancellation option applies.

In all cases, it is highly recommended to include a proof when requesting a refund.

Pick up option

If for any reason, you are not able to take your dog to the pet sitter’s home, no need to worry, a transport solution may be sorted out.

With this pick-up option, the dog sitter agrees on collecting your dog and taking him home at the end of the stay.

If you go for this option, there is an extra fee per mile to add on top of the initial cost.

Only dog option

If your dog is not very friendly with other animals or if you would like your pet to be the only dog during the stay, this option is the best choice for you.

This way, the host family commits not to take on any other animals during the whole time and you can leave with peace in mind.

If the host has a pet of his own, this pet will be here during the sitting with your dog but he agrees not to take on any more.

He shall have to refuse any other pets before accepting your request. There is a fee on top if you want this option to compensate the lack of additional earnings.