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However long you're away for, it’s a good idea to know: how much is boarding likely to cost? Nowadays you’re likely to pay on average £10 a day for a cat and £15 a day for a dog. However pet boarding services rates vary depending on various criteria.

Average Pet Boarding Charges

Even if the going rates are as above, charges do vary depending on various criteria. Taking account of these criteria will enable you to get a better idea of boarding costs, so you won’t get a nasty surprise when you see the bill for boarding your pet.

What type of pet do you have?

It's good to know how much boarding is likely to cost according to the species. The charge will vary as different animals require different levels of care on the part of the boarder:

  1. Dogs: higher charges as require more attention (may also vary according to the size)
  2. Cats: lower charges as they are more independent and only require feeding and litter changing
  3. Small pets: lower charges as they are independent and only require the cleaning out of their cage

More than one pet?

If you own more than one dog or cat or several different species, you may well benefit from reduced rates at the pet boarding establishment.

For example, if your pets get on well together, they’ll be able to share the same pen and so reduces costs for the establishment.

Moreover, in that way your pets will be less lonely while you’re away.

The duration of the booking

You’re unlikely to get a reduction for a booking which last just a few days.

On the other hand, if you need to book for severral weeks or even months, some boarding establishments will offer you a discount.

You may be offered a discount of a certain amount or a percentage of the total price if you book a minimum number of days.

Peak or off-peak

Both kennels and catteries get very busy during the holiday season (May to September) and during the Christmas holidays.

If you’re thinking of booking during these peak periods, then you should reserve well in advance if you want to benefit from a possible discount.

In fact most boarding establishments tends to increase their rates during peak periods.

Additional options

In addition to the basic service some establishments offer optional extras to enhance your pet’s stay.

These extras are not obligatory but can be added to the basic charge.

These optional extras can include any of the following:

  • Collection service: the boarder will collect and return your pet
  • Food: the boarder provides all the food during the pet’s stay
  • Grooming: some establishments (in particular kennels) offer optional grooming

Some advice about boarding charges

If you’re thinking of booking your pet into a boarding establishment, you should be aware that prices will vary.

To help you with your choice, here are some tips regarding comparing prices :

  • Don’t hesitate to compare prices between different establishments
  • Be careful about very low prices – do they compromise on quality?
  • Check what is included in the price
  • Make sure that the advertised price includes everything
  • Prices can vary according to what part of the country you’re in