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How to choose a sitter for dog sitting in your own home? You will need to select a sitter who suits your dog and who you trust to stay in your home during your absence. This choice will enable you to leave with peace of mind.

Draw up a list of selection criteria for your dog sitter

Before making your selection it’s really important to establish what your requirements are for your dog sitting request.

Asking yourself the following questions will help to refine your search :

  • What is your dog’s typical behavior at home?
  • What is your dog’s daily routine?
  • How would you describe your dog’s profile?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be better placed to make a list of selection criteria for your potential dog sitter.

So when choosing, you’ll be able to find the person who meets your needs much more quickly.

The different profiles of dog sitters available

In general there are 4 main types of pet sitters, each of which may or may not correspond to your particular requirements.


Depending on their timetable students tend to be more flexible especially university students, who’ll be able to spend more time in your home. From the student’s point of view, while taking care of your dog, they can benefit from a quiet place to study.

People working

With a fixed daily routine people who are working are not necessarily as available as you might wish. However someone who works from home would be ideal as they could work from your home while at the same time looking after your dog.


As pensioners generally have a lot more spare time, they are in great demand as dog sitters. When you choose a retired person you can be sure that your pet won’t be left alone for long. However if you have a larger dog or one that’s particularly lively, a retired person may refuse your request.


Jobseekers too will generally have more spare time than most and so be well placed to take on the responsibility of looking after your dog. However be aware that if they are actively seeking employment, they may have to drop out of the dog sitting at short notice.

Find the right dog sitter according to your needs

Having established your criteria, you should be able to identifier the type of sitter that will best suit your particular needs.

In addition we recommend that you include as much information as possible on your pet’s profile, especially information relevant to your pet’s welfare: medical treatment, sociability, personality …..

If you have several dogs or several different types of animals, it’s best to choose a sitter who is experienced in looking after several animals at once.