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Cancellation guarantee

What is the cancellation guarantee?

The cancellation guarantee covers you against unexpected incidents before your pet sitting starts.

It allows you to get a credit or refund* of Max & Kitty’s fees related to the service.

Benefits of the cancellation guarantee

1. Cases covered by this option**:

  • Temporary or permanent incapacity of yourself or your spouse (please provide medical proof of incapacity).
  • Death (yourself, your spouse, close family members (please provide death certificate).
  • Heavy material damage to your home, related to burglary, fire, water damage, climatic disturbance necessitating your presence during the pet sitting (please provide insurance certificate).
  • Cancellation of your trip by your travel provider (please provide a certificate from your travel agent / provider).
  • Cancellation of your holidays by a third party such as your employer (please provide a letter from your employer).
  • Death of your pet (please provide a vet certificate).
  • Incapacity of your animal to be looked after for health reasons (please provide a vet certificate).

Details of cancellation guarantee conditions of application

2. Value for money guarantee!

Whatever the sitting duration and the number of pets included, the cancellation guarantee costs only £13.

Without this guarantee, you can’t claim any refund on your Max & Kitty’s booking fee.

*= Credit or Refund is subject to Max & Kitty’s terms and conditions

**= Subject to presentation of reasonable evidence

Health cover

What is the health cover?

The health cover is a guarantee that covers the vet expenses your pet might incur while being taken care of.

Without this warranty, you will be liable for all vet costs associated with your pet.

Benefits of the health cover

1. A guarantee for your pet while being taken care of

With this guarantee, your pet’s vet costs are covered up to £250 during the pet sitting service.

You can leave with peace of mind as you will minimise the risks of incurring costs due to ill health during the sitting.

2. Many cases covered

No one likes to think of the unexpected things that can happen while your pet is being cared for and the risks associated; that’s why Max & Kitty recommend that you take a complete health cover when you book a pet sitting service for peace of mind.

Our service covers:

  • Vet costs in case of illness*.
  • Support if your pet is involved in an incident.
  • Compensation in case your pet runs away.
  • Vet costs for your pet are covered in case of an incident with another animal due to your pet.
  • Valid for all pets included in the same booking.

3. A cover up to £250

With this health cover, Max & Kitty is committed to cover all vet fees (consultations, medicine…) up to £250 for the duration of the pet-sitting.

4. Only £1.60 per day!

The health cover is a real financial benefit for pet owners as it costs only £1.40 per pet sitting day. **

*excludes pre-existing or chronic conditions (arthritis, dysplasia...).

** Minimum of £13