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For owners, it’s not always easy to arrange pet sitting for rabbits. Rabbits have very particular needs, depending on their character, and so it’s important to find a suitable pet sitting service. Thankfully today you can find such services with the flexibility to suit your particular pet.

The rabbit – an increasingly popular pet

Rabbits as pets can be found in more and more households, where they are cherished members of the family. Some owners even treat them in a similar way to a pet dog. Nevertheless a rabbit has different needs and requires a minimum level of contact to ensure its well-being. Max&Kitty offers different petsitting services for rabbits :

  1. Pet sitting for rabbits with a family: Even if rabbits are generally kept in a cage, they are sometimes allowed to roam freely with someone present to supervise. For this reason, pet sitting with a family is an ideal solution as the rabbit can have this same degree of freedom.
  2. Pet sitting for rabbits in your own home: Some rabbits may react badly to a change of surroundings. In this case arranging for a sitter to stay in your own home is the perfect solution.
  3. Visits for rabbits : frequently requested for small pets. Rabbits are quite independent and don’t necessarily need constant attention. The sitter can pop in to your home for 30-45 minutes a day to take care of your pet.

Tips for pet sitting for rabbits

Whether you’re looking for pet sitting with a family or in your own home, it makes sense to be aware of what each service involves. In that way you’ll be in a better position to choose the option best suited to your particular rabbit.