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Ellie B

Nottingham - Nottinghamshire

I am passionate about providing the best care possible for all the dogs, and other animals, that may come into my care. In the past, I have cared for many different animals for friends, family and strangers- including horses, dogs, rabbits, snakes, fish etc- and am more than willing to provide references...

Rebecca S

Greater London

When I was living in London I was entrusted with the keys to a clients apartment and took the dog for daily walks, stayed with the dog and had him at my apartment. Description: I am currently studying at University and only have 2 lectures a week. This means I have lots of time to dedicate to your...

Kerri W

London - London

Hello there ,
I am a 33 year old who has worked in office environments for the best part of the last 13 years.
In this time I've been fortunate enough to have three beautiful, amazing and funny fur babies.
Going to work everyday and leaving them in day care was heartbreaking...

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With the caring pet-sitters available at Max & Kitty, your dear pets can continue maintaining their comfort and their routine even when you are away from home.

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Structured by beauty, London has been described as a "beautiful patchwork quilt". Having gradually developed over hundreds of years, the city's architecture and surroundings are much diversified and offer an appealing landscape.

With strengths in transport, tourism, research and development, professional services, media, finance, healthcare, fashion, entertainment, education, commerce and arts, all contributing to the prominence of the area, London is a leading global city.

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It is little wonder that London is often described as one of the world's greatest tourist destinations. The capital of Great Britain is an effervescent entertainment and arts centre, with its theatres almost always busy.

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With the pet sitting, dog walking, home pet boarding and foster pet care services available at Max & Kitty, your favourite sitter will take care of your furry and scaly dear ones, water, feed, cuddle and play with them whenever you cannot.

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Petsittings by Sanjeeda - London - London

Review written on Jul 15, 2017

Very caring and did an excellent job.

Petsittings by Francesca - London - London

Review written on Jan 1, 2018

Ines is an outstanding petsitter!! She is amazing. She took time to get to know my hamster's routine and his personality and she truly loves animals, which is apparent from the minute you meet her. She is very flexible and willing to go above and beyond to make your life easier when it comes to...

Petsittings by Sanjeeda - London - London

Review written on Aug 30, 2018

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Petsitting memory

for animals sitting carried out by our pet sitter Julie

Ferreting around
I recently looked after a ferret. Sweet little thing, for a brief second I thought I might be a bit nervous on this one as some rodent-type animals can leave me a bit jumpy, but no - she was so cute and a delight how she would run under the sofa with a treat in her mouth to eat...

Petsitting memory

for animals sitting carried out by our pet sitter Erika

rabbit land
Ricky and Rosie were the stars of this xmas, they were very friendly and funny. Loved to play with my cats' tunnels and toys and were really cool with Sissy and Bobo. They loved cuddles and their morning veggies. I really enjoyed their company, hopefully I can soon pet-sit them...

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