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In addition to the other pet sitting options available, you can also consider organising visits and walks for your pet. Indeed, if your pet is relatively independent and copes well with your absence, you can arrange for the pet sitter to visit up to several times a day, to take care of your pet’s welfare.

How does it work for visits and walks?

It’s important to specify that this service is composed of two separate elements: visits and walks. Obviously walks apply mainly to dogs, while visits are for cats and small pets. In both cases, it works in the same way, a pet sitter comes to your home up to several times a day to take care of your pet’s welfare – providing food and water, playing games, giving affection etc.

Organising visits for my pets

As previously stated, visits are better suited to our feline friends or small pets (rabbits, ferrets, birds etc.). As with all other forms of pet sitting it’s important to prepare for visits so that all your pet’s needs are taken care of, while you’re away. So, even if your pet is very independent, you need to explain to the sitter what you expect them to do during the visits.

Organising walks for my pet

In general, walks will be for our canine friends. Indeed, man’s best friend does have extra requirements compared to cats and small pets. Unlike a standard visit, walks will obviously also include an outing for your pet so that it gets the exercise and fun it needs. To get a top quality service you should explain to the sitter what kinds of activities your pet enjoys during its walks.

What details do you need to clarify with the pet sitter?

Whether you’re looking for visits or walks, the details that need clarifying with the sitter will generally be the same. Among the most important details are the frequency and the duration of the visits and walks. It’s a good idea to make a list of all your requirements which you can then show to, and discuss with your pet sitter.

How to work out the cost of a visit or walk?

As with all other forms of pet sitting, visits and walks can vary in price, depending on your requirements. If you‘re looking for frequent visits then you’ll need to plan for a higher cost. Moreover the price of the visits and walks will also vary according to the rates of each individual pet sitter.