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To provide you with a high quality pet-sitting service, Max & Kitty pledges to respect this Charter and to have the pet-sitters respect the Code of Conduct of looking after your pets. An uncompromising guarantee which assures a quality service that meets your requirements and the needs of your pets.

Our Charter, a guarantee of best care.

If your pet is being looked after by a host family, Max & Kitty has established a Code of Conduct which ensures best practice for the well-being of your pet. Our host families have agreed to follow this Code of Conduct so that any animal they look after has the best possible care during their stay.

This Well-Being Charter guarantees that pet-sitters and Max & Kitty agree to :

Respect your animal’s well-being

Animals have rights that we must respect. In the capacity of animal guardian, each pet-sitter pledges to keep your animal safe, comfortable, clean and to provide a healthy environment for their entire stay.

Undertake a rigorous selection process for pet-sitters

By means of a detailed questionnaire, taking up more references on all our « premium » pet-sitters, Max & Kitty appoints host families that use best practice and provide a high standard of care for your pets.

By accepting Max & Kitty’s Code of Conduct, each pet-sitter agrees to provide evidence that they are motivated and professional.

Hold adequate insurance to protect our customers, their pets and our pet-sitters

Our insurance policy covers every pet-sitting service undertaken by our dog sitters, cat sitters and other animal carers.

Therefore, you will benefit from a guarantee that protects you against any accident that your pet might cause.

And our pet-sitters are protected, within their role, notably against accidents that might arise.

Follow and take note of our customers’ opinions.

Our customers and their pets are at the heart of everything that we do. Customers are invited to post a review on every occasion that they use our service. These reviews are published on our website.

We are committed to listen carefully and act on the comments that are made by our customers.

Max & Kitty reserves the right to remove a pet-sitter from our site if they receive bad feedback or if they do not follow our code of conduct for best practice of care and after an inquiry has been held by Max & Kitty.