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Pets have a funny way of cheering people up but for me, they are more than entertainment, I see them as a purest and most selfless beings on Earth, which have no hidden agenda. I find great comfort in being in the presence of any animal, whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a spider. They all have something special and unique to love about them, I always see them as different characters.
I understand that animals are not easy to handle, as it is very difficult to communicate with them, but I believe and I am sure that animals do try and communicate with us and all they need is for humans to pay attention to their behaviour. I understand that animals sometimes can be scary in one way or another, but I also believe that if you are caring enough you can understand their behaviour and be able to communicate with them.
Being a domesticated animal is not easy, as the life of a domesticated animal is to serve, look up to people for love, attention and comfort. As such, I strongly believe that pets need a great deal of attention, love and care, after all, most pets are lonely and do not have perhaps other pets to socialise with or they social awkward towards their equals.
I have always loved animals and cannot help myself when I see a pet in the street, but to stop and play with them, it is such a joy when you meet a pet that all they can think about is their owner or human friend.
It is quite unfortunate for me at the moment, that I cannot have a pet, due to my living arrangments and academic commitments. I have had many pets in the past and much looking forward to getting one very soon.
Pets are family members to most household and without sounding too ridiculous, some of us love pets jus like our own kin. With that mind, many people are reluctant to send their pet to someone else, but I would like to reassure that giving your pet to me to look after is and will always be a safe option. I will look after your pet with great care and love and will certainly try my best to understand and meet your needs and that of your pet. Further, for those canine owners, I have a confession to make, after your dog, I am probably the second biggest lover of the outdoors. I hope to hear from you and you will give the opportunity and a pleasure of looking after your pet.

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I have no relevant work experience with animals but I have my own personal experience. I had a cat for nearly 11 years. Female cat. Also when I was little we had an aquarium of fishes. When I was a teenager I got one dog and after some time I got one more dog. One was very little and another was quite big as it was a mixture of Husky and Shar-Pei. Very beautiful mix, but of its size and probably a husky's strength he was so strong and fast. Also, I had a guinea pig. With some training, everyone got along well between each other. Moreover, my mom not so long ago got herself a parrot, so I am familiar with birds as well.


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