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23 years old
No pets
No children
Speaks Italian , English , Spanish
Non smoker

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Hello, I am an art student, living in halls this academic year, and I would love to pet-sit for you, my hours are very flexible during the week and most probably available most weekends too, however please contact me about specific dates for over the holidays because I don't live in Brighton permanently. As of September 2017 I will be moving to a house just off Ditchling Rd. I am keen to fit much more exercise into my day so I am happy to cycle to any houses that are of further distance, and dog-walking sounds like it could be so much fun!
My timetable is quite flexible, so please message me for details, but normally I am busy on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am til lunchtime. I am happy to help out even if it's to sit in your house with the pet for a while, I can bring work along to keep myself busy. I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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I have grown up with cats since I was about 6, I love all sorts of animals too, I've never owned a dog but I love playing with my friends, neighbours and grandparents dogs. I know cats are quite picky with who they like, but I am a calm and friendly person and all cats seem to like me.
I've never owned a dog before so I haven't walked one on my own before but I'm very keen to do that for you, I would happily give your dog some exercise while you might not have the time to do so yourself.


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