Alice D. - Petsitting in Corwen - Merioneth

Corwen - Merioneth

26 years old
1 rodent
No children
Speaks English
Non smoker

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I am a determined, enthusiastic and highly motivated individual, which is reflected in the numerous sporting activities I have obtained. I love to learn and try new things, and always willing to give my all.
I have worked in a variety of work places, including a variety of factories to finance for my travelling that I achieved, a Restaurant as a waitress and bar person, which enhanced my communication skills, also I have recently worked at a veterinary practise, for the love of animals.
I am a very hard worker, I listen and communicate well with others. At any job given to me, I will try my very best.
I am currently living with my parents therefore as much as I would love to have pets to sit at home unfortunately I must respect my parents, I am more than happy to sit at the pets' home.

Typical petsitting day

I undertake voluntary work at my local village, caring for a variety of animals; horses, cats, dogs and chickens. I traveled around Canada for 6 months undertaking voluntary work at a number of ranches, caring for all the animals, dog walking, and giving lots of love and attention. I previously worked at Were Veterinary Practise in Ruthin as a trainee veterinary nurse, the passion and love for animals I have is incredibly strong, I felt the need to try and help as much as I could to regain the health of the animals, unfortunately I get very attached and working as a nurse was honestly too much for me. I love walking and the outdoors is my favourite place to be.


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