Amelia G. - Petsitting in East Sussex

East Sussex

24 years old
2 dogs
3 cats
No children
Speaks English , Dutch
Non smoker

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i have always had a keen interest in working with animals due to the fact i have had pets and been around animals for all my life. i have done some volunteer work with animals both abroad (France) and at home, working to rehabilitate dogs and look after injured horses and cats.

i have a real passion for animals and would love the opportunity to work with as many animals as i can.

Typical petsitting day

i have had animals as pets from birth ranging from dogs and cats, to currently owning Shetland ponies, cats, chickens, and dogs all of which are rescued.

i have worked with animals in Toulouse for 6 weeks (summer 2015) helping to rehabilitate dogs, and look after injured cats and horses.

At home i am constantly around cats and dogs and many other animals, i have also worked at a riding stables and i am a member of the cinnamon trust dog charity.


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