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25 years old
1 dog
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My name is Hannah and I am 23 years old loving in Leicester! For as long as i can possibly remember I have been the biggest animal lover - all shapes, sizes, textures and temperaments. I studied and hold qualifications in Animal Care and Management and also worked Voluntarily for a few years at an exotic store which included taking care of animals such as various reptiles eg. Snakes, lizards - arachnids, and exotic furry friends such as Gambion Pouched Rats, Fox Cubs, Meerkats and numerous wild cats including Caracals, Servals, Savannahs etc. Other animals also included our regular fur babies like Dogs and Cats! I currently own a beautiful dog, rainbow boa, red knee tarantula and a chicken and I love them all as my babies (yes including the tarantula!) I have previously owned other small and large dogs, cats, small animals such as rabbits guinnea pigs, mice gerbils and so on. I have more love than the planet can hold for each and every animal on this planet and having them in my career is a dream.

Typical petsitting day

In no particular order as all animals have different requirements - Feeding & Watering, letting pets in/out for toilet trips if necessary, walkies and/or a bit of exercise, full cleans of pet areas if necessary and/or spot cleaning of smaller pets. Keep an eye on their hygiene, bathing if needed. Also, keep note of any behaviour and activity to ensure if anything is out of the ordinary to report back to whom it may concern. Play time, and plenty of cuddles and attention inbetween it all!


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