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Liverpool - Lancashire

46 years old
1 dog
1 cat
No children
Speaks English
Non smoker

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Hi there.

Growing up with animals, I have always had a genuine passion to work with them. They are the most affectionate, caring beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting with.

I have owned dogs, cats, mice, rats, roosters, birds, to name a few, so have always been around animals from a very young age.

When I left school, I worked for a horse grooming company and also worked for a boarding kennel agency until starting admin work.

I have also been given the opportunity to work in a Vet shop and at the head office where I learnt a lot about animals and at the same time learnt the business side of owning a Vet Shop franchise and the admin side of things.

I appreciate you taking this time to read this introduction and look forward to hearing from you.

Typical petsitting day

I have looked after friends of mine pets when they go away. I have looked after a clients cat for a week when they go away. I have groomed horses and dogs on a temp basis. I have owned my own pets since very young from small dogs to big dogs to cats and birds and mice. I am currently studying a course in Pet Care to further my knowledge.


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