Rebecca O. - Petsitting in Maidenhead - Berkshire

Maidenhead - Berkshire

31 years old
1 dog
No children
Speaks English
Non smoker

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I'm a hardworking mum of two. I'm looking to come back into pet sitting after a break to have my children.
I'm happy to feed, let out, clean and water your animals.
I have worked with horses for the last 12 years, including working for an equine vets. Whilst doing this I also looked after dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, snakes, geckos, horses, donkeys, chickens and the list goes on.
Although due to having my children I cannot do over night stays but happy to visit up to 3 times per day.
I am happy to administer oral medications if necessary.
I like to work closely with my clients as not all animals will fit in one box. I like the thought of my clients being able to be away from their pets and be relaxed and confident about their care.

Typical petsitting day

I have worked with horses for 12 years. I have previously looked after dogs, cats, small animals, fish, birds, most reptiles, donkeys and horses.
I have also owned cats, dogs, horses, small animals and reptiles


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