Ella S. - Petsitting in Windsor and Maidenhead

Windsor and Maidenhead

23 years old
No pets
No children
No languages
Non smoker

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Subscription :  Standard

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Hello! I have been a self employed pet carer for a while now and am looking to expand my clientele. I provide In-home dog/pet boarding, for when you go on holiday or are away with work. One off visits, in case you’re not home in time. 1 hour dog walks, either solo or group(upto 4). And day care, either half or full day depending on when you’d like the care to start and finish.

Typical petsitting day

I will arrive at the clients house for 9am, feed and let the dogs out. Possibly have a cup of tea! Then head out to muck out and feed the clients horse. Return to the clients house for 1pm and take the dogs for a walk. Then I’ll either stay with the dogs or go run an errand and do a final toilet check before lock up at 6pm.


Number of rooms available for the pet :  2 rooms

Daytime presence :  N.C.


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