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Pet sitting has been growing as a service for animal owners. It enables you to find someone to take care of your small pet during your holidays or while you’re on a trip. Just like cats and dogs, small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc. require looking after when their owners are away.


Small pet

The number of small pets has been growing enormously and now represents about 45 million in the UK.

Today you can find a huge variety of different pets, including rare and unusual species: rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds etc.

The best known species in this category are of course: rabbit, hamster, ferret, guinea pig, mouse etc.

Small pet sitting options

As with all other types of pets, it’s perfectly possible to arrange pet sitting for small pets.

Indeed pet sitting is a highly flexible service which can work for all types of animals including small pets.

However it can be difficult to find a suitable sitter, with the experience needed to take care of your pet.

Depending on the particular species, your pet may have specific needs which require a certain level of knowledge on the part of the pet sitter.

Nevertheless there are pet sitting services available, which will undoubtedly meet the requirements of your pet.

Small pet sitting with a host family

If your pet is easily transportable and has no problem changing its surroundings, you can opt for sitting with a host family.
With this service, your pet will be welcomed into a new home, where it’ll be treated just like one of the family.
Your pet will get plenty of attention from its host family and you’ll be able to go away with total peace of mind.

Small pet sitting in your own home

With this form of pet sitting, the sitter stays overnight in your home every night while you’re away.
It makes sense particularly for those who have a large number of small pets.
If you own several small pets or several different species, it will be difficult to find a sitter who can accommodate them all in their home.

Visits for small pets

This service is similar to overnight sitting in your home as it involves arranging for a sitter to come to your home to look after the welfare of your pet.
The visits can be up to several times a day, depending on what you and your pet require.
This service is increasingly sought after by small pet owners, as it guarantees regular contact for your pet and enables it to remain in its home environment.