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In the last few years, a new pet sitting phenomenon has been emerging : sitting in host families. This concept enables you arrange for a family to take care of your pet whenever you go away. This pet sitting option offers a real alternative to kennels and catteries.

What does pet sitting with a host family involve?

Originating from North America, pet sitting with a host family is a very simple solution which involves entrusting your pet to another family while you’re away. Before setting off on your trip you’ll be able to drop off your pet with his temporary new family.

Who are the pet sitters?

By choosing sitting in host families, your pet will be entrusted to an indivdual or indivduals who will become its new family while you’re away. Pet sitters come from all sorts of backgrounds, which means it’s easier to find the ideal sitter, with a daily routine and home suited to your pet.

Is my pet suited to pet sitting with a family?

As with all other pet sitting options, it’s important to work out if this solution is suitable for your pet. Pet sitting with a host family is being sought more and more by pet owners. Nevertheless each pet has its own personality which will determine whether or not sitting with a host family is appropriate.

How to prepare my pets for a sitting with a family?

Before handing over your pet to its new family, it’s important to get your animal ready for its stay. For example you’ll be able to arrange to visit and check out the sitter’s home beforehand. This visit will also afford you the opportunity to get to know the sitter and his/her family.

How much does pet sitting with a family cost?

The cost of pet sitting with a family will vary according to your requirements. It is a very flexible service which adapts to all kinds of situations. If your pet for example does not socialise well with other animals, you can request a sitting with no other pets, however this will incur an additional cost. In every case, it makes sense to specify your particular needs in advance so that you can get a clear idea of how much to budget.

Is it possible for the sitter to accommodate several animals at once?

Sitting in host families is a flexible option adapted to all kinds of situations. It’s therefore possible to organize pet sitting for several animals at once. Nevertheless, most families will set a limit on the number of animals they can take in order to avoid any problems. Accommodating too many animals at the same time is likely to lead to discipline issues for the sitter.