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If you’re a cat owner, you will almost certainly have had to organise for someone to look after your cat during your holidays. Even if our feline friends are relatively independent, you’ll still need to arrange for regular visits for your cat while you’re away.

Visits for cats

Nowadays this is the service most sought after by cat owners. It’s the option which most suits the character of our feline friends. When you arrange visits, it’ll be the sitter who has to come to your home in order to look after your cat’s welfare.

Why organise visits for your cat ?

Generally, our feline friends are quite independent and cope well on their own during your absence. However if you’re going away for an extended period, such as for holidays, it can be reassuring to organise for someone to visit, to check all is OK and that your cat is safe and well.

Prepare the visits for your cat

When you choose visits for your cat, it’s important to make all the necessary preparations before the visits start. For example it’s important to specify how many times a day you would like the sitter to come to your home. In addition you should state how long you would like each visit to last, as well as the specific tasks you would like carried out.

The price of visits for your cat

As with other sitting services, it’s important to calculate your budget for visits for your cat in advance. In order to do this you need to be aware of all the costs involved in setting up visits. For example in addition to the fee for the visit, you’ll need to include the travel expenses of the cat sitter, for each time they come to your home. Moreover, there could be other expenses you’ll need to bear in mind.

What does a visit for your cat involve?

Once you’ve agreed the frequency of the visits with the sitter, you should specify what you expect them to do while they are with your cat. First of all the sitter will need to take care of your pet’s physical needs: feeding and providing fresh water. In addition you can ask the sitter to give your cat the attention it’ll be missing because of your absence i.e. playing games and cuddles etc…

How to choose the cat sitter who’ll carry out the visits?

If you choose to organise visits for your cat, you’ll need to find the right person for the job. Of course it’s not always easy to hand over your keys to a stranger. And what’s more you’ll need to find someone whose daily routine fits in with your requirements. Luckily today you can easily find cat sitters, whose profile matches exactly the needs you’re likely to have as a cat owner.