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In the UK today there are hundreds of different types of pet boarding establishments to accommodate your pets. Each benefit from different facilities, features and characteristics. If you wish to arrange boarding for your animal, Be aware of the different types of boarding establishments available so you can find the one best suited to your pet.

Pet boarding, kennels or catteries

There are a number of different types of pet boarding establishments, with different names, all offering boarding services and more or less the same kind of service.

As the name implies, pet boarding (kennels, catteries etc.) involves entrusting your pet to an establishment set up to look after your animal while you’re away.

Nowadays you can find all sorts of different establishments where your pet can relax and enjoy himself, while you’re on holiday or on a trip.

An easily available pet sitting option

Pet boarding remains relatively easy to find depending on the services offered. Some boarding establishments are even able to accommodate all kinds of pets (dogs, cats, small pets etc.).

However there are also many places which only take specific species in particular catteries and dog kennels.

So if you own more than 1 type of pet, it makes sense to check with the boarding establishment ahead of time whether they can accommodate all your pets or not.

Boarding : a flexible solution

Boarding is not only available for all types of animals, but it is also a flexible solution which adapts easily to your needs.

For example many pet boarding establishments are open all year round and of course throughout the summer – from May to September.

Thus if you need boarding for a few days or weeks or even months, most boarding establishments will be able to accommodate your pet(s).

If you did need boarding for a long period, it would however make sense to let the establishment know well in advance, so that they can set up the ideal conditions for your pet.