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What is dog boarding in a host family? Nowadays, dog sitting is a perfect solution for looking after your pet during your holidays. Your four-legged friend will we welcomed by a foster family, commonly known as dog sitters.

Boarding in a host family / Family care?

Largely acclaimed, this care option is chosen by more than 50 % of dog owners going away.

It is easier to get the dog sitting up and going as the dog is welcomed in an established family home. Organization wise, it is a lot quicker and more homely for your pet, rather than kennels.

How to prepare my dog’s stay

This option is very popular with dog owners and it’s very important for your dog’s wellbeing to make sure that everything is sorted before the actual day you leave. In this regard, several questions should be asked. It‘s easier to have a list of enquiries beforehand so that on THE day, you will feel reassured and confident leaving your furry friend.

Your dog’s food

If you go ahead with this type of day care, dog sitting, it is highly recommended to take your dog’s food along for the whole length of the stay. Our four legged friends are rather fragile and an upset tummy is the last thing you want to worry about.

Meeting up before hand

Prior to leaving, it is very important to meet up with the family who is going to look after your dog. During this visit, you must keep your eyes and ears open … is the garden fenced off? How high is the fence? Is the garden big enough? Any other pets in the home? How does your dog react with the sitter? …

How to choose your dog sitter

Choosing the right person for the first dog sitting experience is very important and can be stressful for the owner, who is often worried … how is my dog going to react?

Fortunately, there are a number of points that you can check to ensure the stay will be a positive experience for your dog and the least worrying for you. By proceeding step by step, your choice will be the right choice!

Dog sitting prices

Like with all services, you will be considering the price before committing. For dog boarding, prices vary as our sitters can set their own pet sitting rates. However, all prices are clearly shown next to each pet sitter so you can use that to plan your budget.

Transporting my dog

When choosing your dog sitting care, you must take into consideration your pet’s transport from your home to your dog’s sitter’s home. Most owners prefer to take their dog themselves so that they can say good bye and see the tails wagging! But it is not always easy when it comes down to taking a Leonberger, a Newfoundland or even a Great Dane! When staying in with a dog sitter family, other options may be considered.

What do I need to take along?

Just like you, your furry friend will need his own little suitcase. The stay will be even easier, if your pet has it’s own belongings. It is important for him/ her to find their own marks in their new family home. Make sure you write down a check list so that nothing gets forgotten