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Nowadays there are more and more animal-loving families willing to provide pet sitting services.When you choose to book pet sitting with a family for your pet, you’ll want to know what kind of people become petsitters and why do they offer this service.

What kind of people become petsitters? Specific profiles

Since pet sitting emerged in the UK, more and more kinds of people have become petsitters.

Among these people we can identify certain different profile, each of which may be more or less appropriate to your particular needs.

  1. Students: Nowadays students represent a significant proportion of pet sitters as they often have a large amount of free time – especially during the holiday season when there is a greater demand for sitters.
  2. Pensioners: Pensioners are very much appreciated by pet owners, having a lot of free time to devote to looking after your pet. Pet sitting offers an excellent opportunity for an animal-loving pensioner to spend time with a whole range of different pets.
  3. Working people: Naturally with a busy daily routine, most working people have much less time to devote to your pet. Although if your pet is used to being left alone during the day, this type of sitter may suit them better. People who work from home, however, are in an ideal situation to look after animals.
  4. Job seekers: Pet sitters who seek employment generally have time to care for your animal. Naturally their situation may change suddenly if they are successful in their job hunt. , you should plan for this possibility if you choose a working petsitter.

Who are they?

With the growth of pet sitting in the UK, the options available are constantly growing.

In contrast to the kind of person who set up a boarding establishment, we can identify a different profile for this new occupation of pet sitter.

Naturally the term pet sitter has evolved from the word babysitter.

A pet sitter is thus someone who sets themselves up to look after pets, while their owners are way, in their own home.

They have decided turn their passion animals into a means of earning money, at the same time as providing a necessary service for pet owners.

It can indeed be difficult to find the ideal person to care for your pet’s well-being while you’re away.

With this new phenomenon of professional pet sitters, you’ll be able to set off on your trip in the safe knowledge that your pet is being well looked after.