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Which pet boarding establishment, catteries and kennels is right for my pet? it’s vital that you make the right choice. Animals are sensitive to a change of surroundings so don’t hesitate to take your time in making your selection.

How to choose which boarding establishment is right for your pet?

To choose which boarding establishment is right for your pet and corresponds to his needs, there are different factors to which you should pay particular attention. The choice of boarding establishment should not be taken lightly, as your pet could suffer greatly if it’s not comfortable during the stay.

In order to help you decide which boarding establishment is right for your pet, here is a list of things to check:

  1. The premises: When you check out the establishment, look at all the facilities : the size of the pens, the exercise area, proximity to roads... choose a restful place in order to reduce stress for your pet
  2. The quality of the service: check out customer reviews on the internet or testimonials provided by the boarder. Be careful to compare the mark given with the actual commentary written by the customer.
  3. The staff: Observe how the staff interact with the animals. They should be attentive and passionate about their work. If this isn’t the case you should look elsewhere.
  4. Hygiene: This is one factor you shouldn’t compromise on. In kennels and catteries you should check that cleaning is carried out every day. Be wary of strong smells of urine, neglected pens and, a policy of accepting unvaccinated animals …
  5. Prices: Boarding establishments set different prices according to the services they offer. Check out what is included in the price: which services? Are there optional extras?

Is my pet suitable for boarding in kennels or a cattery?

When you choose to board in kennels or a cattery, your pet will not experience the same conditions as pet sitting in a host family.

Therefore it’s important to decided if your pet is suited to staying in kennels or a cattery by asking the following questions about its behavior:

  • Is it used to staying in a pen?
  • How well does it tolerate your absence?
  • How well does it adapt to new situations?
  • Does it socialize well with other animals?

By reflecting on these questions you’ll get a better idea of how your pet would cope with a stay in a pet boarding establishment.

If it’s the first time, you could ask the kennels or cattery if you could organise a short trial for your pet to see how it reacts.

If all goes well you can book your pet in without any need to worry.

However if you can see your pet is not happy, you’ll need to find an alternative solution such as pet sitting in a host family.