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Which dogsitter should I choose for my pet?

Opting for day care in a host family, you may ask yourself the question: which dogsitter should I choose for my pet? Dogs are sensitive and may behave differently when confronted with strangers. The dog sitter must make your pet feel comfortable and provide him or her with all the comfort that they need.

Which dogsitter should I choose for my pet?

There are several factors to consider to choose the right dog sitter.

  1. Carefully review each profile to choose someone who has experience with your particular breed.
  2. Opt for a dog sitter with experience with your breed and size of dog.
  3. Check whether the pet sitter you have chosen will have other pets present during the stay if your dog doesn’t get on with other pets.
  4. An older dog may prefer a quiet, pet-free home to avoid stress.
  5. Visit the petsitter's home. Big dogs need space so a house with a fenced in garden would be more appropriate, whereas lapdogs might prefer a small, warm home.
  6. It is essential that you get on well with the pet sitter at the initial meeting While you are away he should keep you updated on how the stay is going,

Booking the host

You have finally found which petsitter you should choose for your pet, simply book them to organize the first meeting. Scared to take the leap and leave your furbaby with someone you don’t know? Don't worry! We'll do our best to reassure you, and you can always change dogsitters for free!

The first meeting with the dog sitter

This first meeting with the host is extremely important. You need to check over several points during this face to face moment. You need to make sure that your dog gets on well with the host, that he feels comfortable in the home and that if there are any other pets there that they don’t disturb him, even better that they become friends. Finally you must feel comfortable and trust the dog sitter.

Good relations between the host and your pet are vital. There is a risk if it isn’t the case for the host, the family and even your pet. The pet sitter’s home will be your dog’s foster care while you’re away. If your pet isn’t happy, he may stop eating, start barking or even in rare cases, become irritable.

That is why a good dog sitter is above all someone with whom your four legged friend accepts and likes.

During this first meeting, you’ll be able to see straight away how your pet reacts with the host. You should see quickly by analyzing your dog’s behavior when in the host’s home. If your dog explores the house, wags his tails, turns in circles or tries to play, it means that your pup is enjoying himself and feels at ease.

On the other hand, if your dog lowers his head, tail between legs, snarls or hides behind you, you may have to find a different pet sitter. If you have an older or a small dog, please make sure that the steps are not too high and become an obstacle.

The first meeting with the dogsitter's pets

It is the right time for your bundle of love to meet up with the host’s pets if he has one or more. They will become flat mates for a while so need to get along well. If it is not the case, the situation may become dangerous for the animals and the family.

To start off, they will smell each other, they may decide then who is the boss, it is important not to intervene at this point, they must sort themselves out. If they start playing together or ignore each other you may proceed to the next step. However, if they start growling or even fighting, you shall need to change homes.

If your pet is happy in his new temporary home, just one person left to convince: YOU! Sometimes easier said than done, but during this first visit, you’ll be able to see your pet sitter’s home and lifestyle.

You and your dog sitter during the stay

The whole reason for opting for a host family is for you to leave in all peace of mind without worrying about your pet.

The dog sitter has a significant role to play. It is always to receive an update on how the stay is going and how your dog is. You’ll need to establish with the host how often you wish to receive photos and news from your pet. Nowadays, social networks are often used.