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If you are a pet-sitter with Max & Kitty, we are taking great care to provide you with a quality user experience.

Insurance included with every pet sitting job

For any job you do via Max & Kitty, you benefit from a Public Liability insurance provided by our partner Generali. This insurance is automatically taken out when you are pet sitting for us.

Your personal liability insurance covers you in your everyday life. But as soon as there is a financial transaction (like getting paid to pet sit), this insurance is not valid.

This Public Liability insurance is therefore compulsory and covers any damage done to a third party while pet sitting:

  • Damage caused by the animal to a third party (bite, scratch, crush…)
  • Incidents caused by the pet during the sitting
  • Animal running away…

A tailor made remuneration

On the Max & Kitty website, you can set your daily rate yourself.

Moreover, you can access and change your rate at any time from your profile page, depending on:

  • the animals you would like to pet sit; or
  • the pet sitting option.

Emergency service evenings and weekends

If you choose to use Max & Kitty for your pet sitting, you are benefitting from an emergency procedure and support for the duration of the pet sitting.

Follow Max & Kitty’s emergency procedure evenings and weekends in order to deal with any difficulties:

  • If the pet sitting needs to be extended due to hospitalisation, illness, family emergency etc…
  • Cancellation of the pet sitting (unavailability, sociability issues with animals etc…)
  • Animal running away
  • Heath issues with the animal (vet assistance)

Support service

Should you encounter any problem with our website or should you have any questions, our team is here to help.

We are with you every step of the way and you can call us when you need any help.