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Even if pet sitting in your own home is less popular with pet owners, it can be an ideal solution in certain circumstances. It’s not always easy to know which pet sitting service to opt for. To know whether this particular form of pet sitting is right for you, you’ll need to ask yourself certain questions.

Which animals are best suited to pet sitting in your own home?

Pet sitting in your own home is a very particular form of pet sitting. This is why the pet owners who choose it are very familiar with their pet’s needs and have already tried boarding their pet away from home.
Indeed certain behavioural characteristics of your pet will lead you to choose pet sitting in your own home :

Coping with being alone

Some animals cope very well with their owner’s absence and pose no problem when staying a pet sitter’s home

However some animals really struggle with their owner’s absence and this can lead to an unhappy outcome. For example, an animal can become aggressive or destructive when left alone in new surroundings.

By choosing pet sitting in your own home, you can alleviate this problem, by keeping your pet in his home environment and ensuring it is left alone as little as possible.

Sociability with other animals

If your animal gets on well with its fellow creatures, then you won’t have a problem finding a pet sitting service. However for animals who have sociability problems, it is more difficult to find a suitable solution.

In this situation, pet sitting in your own home may be the ideal solution as this will enable your pet to stay at home – this avoiding any contact with other animals.

Change of surroundings

This is one of the most common factors that leads pet owners to choose pet sitting in their own home. Indeed, some animals are very sensitive to a change of surroundings, which can at times cause a change in their behaviour.

To avoid any possible disturbance, some owners prefer to organise pet sitting in their own home, so their pet remains in its familiar territory.

If you have several animals, choose pet sitting in your own home

If you own several animals, it’s not always easy to find a pet sitter, who can accommodate all of them in their home.

Indeed, any owner with more than 2 pets, may struggle to find a sitter who can take them all due to lack of space.

This is why pet sitting in your own home offers a valuable alternative for certain pet owners, especially those in the circumstances described above.